Teaching English Online

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After teaching in Taiwan for a year in 2016, I learned a lot about myself and the profession to bring back with me. Now that I have a house, a husband, and a pupper, teaching in Asia is not realistically in the cards right now. What I looked for while in the USA was a way to translate my teaching experience into something tangible, and my friend from Taiwan who was also a teacher there referred me to some awesome companies that allow you to work remote and teach kids in China. It’s a really amazing gig – waking up and getting your work out of the way, having an entire day after you finish to eat breakfast on the porch and take a walk with your dog around the neighborhood before going to the gym or running errands. I am really loving this digital nomad lifestyle!



I decided to make a video about the two companies I currently teach with, Qkids and VIPKID. Qkids is a bit lesser known, but they are awesome and VIPKID was rated the #1 online company to work for by Forbes this year, so they are definitely the biggest fish in the remote TEFL world. Here’s my video:



If anyone would like more information, feel free to email me at mariajacob@gmail.com