Our 8 Favorite Things About Tokyo

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Grant and I have always wanted to visit Japan during their infamous Cherry Blossom season, and we finally got the chance to when he had to make a visa run out of Taiwan! We only had 4 days in Tokyo, … Continued

Taiwan’s Scariest Suspension Bridge

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Double Dragon Waterfall Taiwan’s longest suspension footbridge was not technically open to the public, but we dared to cross it anyhow. After a confusing drive through a small mountain village in Nantou County, we finally were able to track down … Continued

4 Months in Thailand: Random Observations

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  After studying abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we came away with some interesting observations.   Toilet paper is a luxury..never a given. On that note, dry toilets are hard to find..let alone toilets at all (many times you’ll have … Continued