Seattle, WA

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Driving on Highway 2 West to Seattle was lovely, mountainous, and very (ever) green. When we arrived in Seattle, we walked up Molly’s street (the friend we were going to stay with) and randomly ran into her with a bag of groceries in her hands. We walked into her apartment she shares with her boyfriend Tram and talked for a while, drinking some sparkling wine she poured us all. When we left for dinner, we walked around Capitol Hill, the area they live in, to meet their friend Peter and to go eat at a Mexican place called Poquitos. Their friend Meredith joined us, and we ordered some really tasty food as we sat and talked for a while. We then continued exploring the area, popped into a bookstore, and then bought beer at the grocery store. We took it to drink back at their place, and had intended to go out but they ended up having a lot of people at their apartment for a small house party. We discovered they had a door to their roof, so we went up there and enjoyed the view of Seattle as we got to know new people. It was a late night, but it was fun and we eventually went to bed in their living room.

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In the morning, we wanted to wake up to get on a free boat ride thanks to the Center for Wooden Boats, but although we tried to get there around 10:00, it ended up being about 11. We walked there and found out there was just a paddleboat left we could sign up for, so we did, but initially we wanted a spot on a sail boat. No big deal – we were scheduled for 1:30 so we walked around downtown, got a donut at Top Pot, which was great. It was time to walk back and get on the boat as the sun finally broke out of the clouds. We got in one by one (a total of 10 people rode on it) and it was fun minus an unruly, chubby Chinese kid who wouldn’t cooperate at all and didn’t paddle. He kindof pissed me off, but I still enjoyed hearing from our boat captain all about the harbor and it was a nice ride for about an hour total.

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That night, we went to a park called Gas Works – it had old industrial remains and a nice view of the city from across the harbor. There was a ton of geese in a closed off area, but we were looking for a nice spot to do an LED hoop photo, so we went in the fence (other people did the same). It was okay for a while, just trying to avoid the poop on the grass, but soon enough the sprinklers came on and we had to keep moving in order to avoid them. It was a bit of a fiasco, but it was funny.

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The next day, Grant and I walked in the morning to Pike Place Market, the famous Seattle farmer’s market. When we got there, it was bustling even for a Monday. We looked around at different vendors, and decided to eat some fresh fruit for breakfast, I got some really huge and delicious raspberries and Grant got a peach. We eventually ended up at an Indian stand, and split that for lunch.

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After continuing walking around, passing the first Starbucks ever (sweet…) we sat in the park where there were lots of locals eating their lunches and seemingly lots of homeless people as well. A screaming match ensued between a guy that looked and sounded a lot like Harry from Dumb and Dumber and some other homeless individuals, but we tried to just enjoy the sunshine despite the amazing people watching opportunities. We then walked to Olympic Sculpture Park, and it smelled like the sea! With the sun out and the smell of salt water, I was a happy girl.

We then walked to the EMP museum, what that stands for I can’t really remember. It was next door to the Space Needle, and Molly generously gave us free tickets since she works there part-time. It was awesome, it was focused on Sci-fi, music, fantasy, and Star Wars and was all really well done. In the music section, they had a section you could jam on different instruments, and I really liked being able to play the electric guitar, as well as use a mixer to produce my own version of “Sweet Dreams (are made of these).” Grant was happy to have an opportunity to learn bass guitar, and I thought he looked damn good playing it…maybe this should be a new hobby? There was also a section in the museum about Nirvana, which was cool being that they were from the Seattle area and put it on the map, music-wise (or so it claimed). The museum closed at 5 and we had to rush through some sections a bit, but it was definitely worth a visit. I wanted to take the bus back to meet Molly and Tram in Capitol Hill for dinner, instead of walk, so we did that despite it being slow from 5:00 traffic. We went to a pizza place for dinner and then Molly Moon’s ice cream afterwards. We were pooped when we got back to their house, and slept well one last night in Seattle.