Red River Gorge, KY

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In late October for a long weekend, my friends and I got a 6-person cabin in Slade, Kentucky to see the fall leaves in their prime! We looked around at cabins in Asheville, Virginia, and Pennsylvania but we’d been to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky before since it is so close to Cincinnati, and figured that was a far enough trip to be able to meet up. So if you are ever in need of a beautiful fall hike in the mountains, look no further! Red River Gorge(ous) is stunning this time of year.

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We took our first hike in the rain, but eventually it let up and the weather was just warm enough to be very comfortable. We ate lunch at Gray’s Arch before continuing on a different trail (I forget which) and the hike altogether ended up being about 5 miles. It was so much fun, and the dogs really had a blast!


We got back to the cabin to have a family-style meal of chicken and dumplings before hitting the hot tub and playing drinking games. The next day was basically a repeat of that, except we took a few shorter hikes to scenic arches in the Gorge instead of one long one. We saw Princess Arch and Courthouse Rock, which I would recommend for a different kind of experience.

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Previously, Grant and I went camping at the Gorge before taking our road trip to test our gear, and we stayed in Clifty Wilderness, just backpacked in and found a remote spot next to a stream. It was quiet and spacious, so this is where I would recommend anyone to camp if they find themselves at the Red River Gorge. Don’t forget to pick up a parking pass that is needed for your car in order to camp, but that is the only fee associated with camping. Happy trails!


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  1. Beth Link

    Stunning! These pics take my breath away….. what a wondrous journey you two are on!!!!
    Continued Blessings…….