Montana >> Leavenworth, WA

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After Grand Teton, we had to drive back North through Yellowstone to get to Montana, so we stopped at the one attraction we had left to see, the Yellowstone Falls. They were really beautiful, and we thought they were probably the best part of the park. After that, we headed into Montana, through lots of beautiful mountains to a cool little city named Bozeman. We arrived around dinnertime, and got a cheap motel for the night just to rest because the altitude and our constantly busy schedule left us tired and drained.

We had a couchsurfer in Missoula for the next day, so we headed up there and walked around downtown before he got off work. We rode the “fastest carousel in the world,” which was surprisingly pretty fast haha.



Then we popped in to a bar called Top Hat for happy hour craft beers for $2.75, a great deal. I got a beer called “That’s What She Said,” it was local and delicious. 2 beers deep it was dinner time and we walked to a fairly new BBQ spot called The Notorious P.I.G.


We met up with our host, Aaron, after that at a brewery called Kettle House. It was surprisingly packed for a Thursday night, but we sat at the bar and talked to him, getting to know one another. He had another spot in mind for us to see, called Charlie B’s. It was a hot spot for locals, and many pictures on the wall in black and white showed a lot of older patrons who must’ve been super loyal to the bar (the pictures were really well done). We split a pitcher, then eventually headed to his house. Grant and Aaron bonded over photography, they are both very into it and that was really cool. He and his roommate are rugby players, so we got to know a lot about that and rugby actually brought Aaron to Bowling Green, Ohio for a tournament, which was funny. They had to work in the morning, so we left a bit after them and headed to Leavenworth. We initially were going to couchsurf in Spokane, WA but Aaron said there wasn’t much to see there so we drove 6 hours total to Leavenworth.

Leavenworth is a Bavarian town in the mountains in central Washington. It is super authentic, even the Mcdonalds and Starbucks in town have a German style to them. The drive on 28 West through Washington was really beautiful, I had a great time handling the wheel while Grant got some shuteye.


There are just a few blocks of shops, bars, restaurants, and attractions in Leavenworth, but it still feels like a lot to see. We walked around on the beautiful sunny day after arriving and getting set up at our AirBnB cheap rental (it was part of a hotel called Adventure Inn but since it was a dorm-style room without a bathroom, it was way cheaper and we were cool with that). There were so many cute little shops to pop into, I had my eye on the salt water taffy store, and since Grant’s never eaten it before (WHUT) we bought probably about 25 flavors to try.


IMG_4260 IMG_4256

We eventually grabbed beers, then split currywurst and a pretzel at a place called Munchen Haus. After that, there was live music at the bier garden outside our hotel and we were really enjoying it because the band had a fiddle and an accordion – they were very unique and had a great sound. They were called A Cedar Suede.

The next day, we took our time getting to Seattle – walking around Leavenworth and grabbing pastries for breakfast. We walked around the river and it was sunny and beautiful outside, it was truly a great place to visit.