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Graduation weekend was a whirlwind, but we made it through and left on our long-awaited road trip on Sunday afternoon! As I was texting Joey, our friend who we were about to stay with, he told me he had left his keys in a restaurant that was unfortunately closed on Sundays. It was a laughable coincidence that we were in Cincinnati and so was his friend Amar who had a copy of his keys at her apartment. We met up with her to attain them, then set off for Chicago. Whatever we could do to help him, we wanted to do since he was so willingly hosting us for the night!



We made it into the city around 6 or so and helped Joey get his extra set of keys, then took our things into his apartment. Our goal for Chicago was to eat deep-dish pizza, so Joey had the perfect place in mind called Lou Malnati’s. We ordered a pizza for take-out, and as we waited we walked around the Wicker Park area of town with him. It was really charming, and seemed to have people of all backgrounds and a generally young crowd. Joey told me we had to see this “jaw-dropping Walgreens,” and he knew how odd that sounded. When we saw it, it truly was breathtaking; it used to be a bank, and had beautiful architecture as well as a “Vitamin Vault” in the part that used to be the safe.

When we got our pizza it began to rain and Grant and I had our raincoats, but Joey got pretty soaked. We walked quite a few blocks back to his place, stopping at a corner store for beer to share as we enjoyed dinner. We chose Two Brothers because it was a local Chicago brewery. The pizza and beer were so delicious, and well-earned thanks to that wet walk home. We ended up talking for hours, until Joey set up an air mattress for us and we figured out a way to lock his apartment since he’d be going to work earlier than us.

In the morning, it held off on the rain and Grant and I walked a few blocks to catch the blue line metro that went downtown. We wanted to see the lake, so we paid to visit the Sears Tower (now called the Willis Tower), and it was a really neat view. It was lucky that we went on a Monday, because you could tell it got really crowded on weekends, but we surpassed any lines and walked right in.

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After that, we walked a few more blocks to Millennium Park to see the infamous “bean” and took some pictures. It was really cool on the underside, and wasn’t what we were expecting. We had lunch at Freshii and took the metro back to get a head start on our 6-hour in total drive for the day.

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  1. Beth Link

    Visited HE /She enthralling site again this AM….. what a wonderful experience you both are having!
    Congrats on the happy engagement…….
    Good luck with the next adventure… Keep recording these life changing experiences….. Thanks for sharing.