Hi! We’re the Mallorys.

My name is Maria and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband, Grant, and our doggo Jane. We’re happily settled, but love to travel together, solo, and with friends as often as possible!

Our background as a couple and our travels:

  • We met in 2010 through a college friend and dated long distance throughout our university years.
  • Together, we studied abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was an incredible adventure and we were able to visit many other Southeast Asian countries while there.
  • When Grant graduated, he moved in with me in Cincinnati before I graduated in 2015.
  • The day after I got my degree, we hit the road on the great US road trip. We sold all of our stuff, and took our Subaru to as many National Parks as we could see. We also Couchsurfed with strangers, stayed with study abroad friends all over the country, and ended up in Reno, NV for an internship I had for the summer.
  • At the end of the summer on our road trip home, Grant proposed to me.
  • I still wanted to teach English abroad, so we moved to Taichung, Taiwan to live and work (remote for Grant, kindergarten teacher for me) for around a year.
  • Some of our favorite memories were when we got to show Grant’s siblings and mom around Taiwan, and when he and I went to Japan and Bali too!
  • We returned to Cincinnati after that, and eventually bought a house in 2017 where we now live.
  • In 2017, we got married and took a honeymoon to Iceland!
  • Together, we have lots of adventures around this city we love, mostly on my motorbike (separately or when riding together.)
  • We inherited Grant’s family heriloom – a 1978 antique GMC motorhome, which we would like to strip and make it our own.
  • With a remote job for me and a flexible job for Grant, we can’t wait to see where these adventures could lead us (with Cincinnati still as our base, presumably!)

Follow our adventures on my TikTok & our GMC renovation Instagram!